Thursday, January 31

Review: Alpha Mountie by Lena Loneson

I got this book, because I read the blurb and loved the premise.  And unfortunately, that is all I ended up loving about this book.  I didn't realize how short it was, more like a novella in size.  There seemed to be just too much packed into this book for its length.  I think if it had been fleshed out more and really polished up it could be a great story.  But that wasn't all that I found wrong with this story.

First off, the writing felt disjointed.  During the non-smexy scenes, the character comes off as a practical, straight forward woman.  She is a Park Warden in the forest of the Algonquin Provincial Park.  We get the image of a very strong, independent woman who can handle a tough, solitary job.  One who thrives on living basically off the land and almost off the grid.  But withing minutes of meeting the Constable Cameron Dawson, she is kissing him and letting him hit 3rd base before he even knows her name.  There after, its like she can't keep her hands off of him and they have sex twice before the day is through.  Additionally, the sex language is very coarse and doesn't fit well with the speech patterns of the non-sex scenes.  It just felt forced and not very smexy at all.

Additionally, the introduction of the paranormal aspects is just tossed out, ho hum.  She knows he is a werewolf because he "acts" like it.  And oh, yeah, she knows about different shifter species because her sister was one but she is isn't because they shared different fathers.  Again it felt forced.

Next up is how quickly they figure out who the bad guy is.  All it takes is Cameron walking in with his Royal Mountie uniform on and people who Noire couldn't get information from in weeks suddenly can't wait to share everything they know.  Jeez, it felt like more time was spent on their quickie on the boat then on how long it took to figure out who the bad guy was and where he was heading.  

Finally, the ending.  Oh wow, Noire turned into the biggest MaryJane I have ever read.  Within 2 days she has figured out who the bad guy is and tracked him down, has the hot werewolf saying he loves her, avenging her sister's death, and finishes with getting to finally become a shifter.  Say What?  

I gave this book 2 stars on Goodreads, and only because I did really like the premise of the book.  There is true potential here and I hope that one day the author gets a chance to rework and lengthen this book.  It could have been great, instead it was "eh".

When her sister’s body washes up on the shore in Toronto, Noire Pelletier is devastated. She’ll do whatever it takes to find her sister’s killer. Not even the gorgeous Mountie assigned to the case will distract her—for long.

Constable Cam Dawson comes to the city seeking a serial killer, but finds a lot more—a beguiling park ranger who tastes like the wild that runs through his blood. Has he finally met the woman strong enough to embrace his lupine side?

The hunt for a killer leads Noire and Cam on a dangerous and passion-fueled journey deep into the wilderness, where they discover an evil much greater than a simple man. To make it out alive, Noire will have to trust in something stronger than vengeance—love.

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