Tuesday, January 22

Review: Dead Case in Deadwood by Ann Charles

This is the third book in the Deadwood series by Ann Charles.  We dive in once again, only 2 or 3 days after the ending of the last book.  After the ending of the second book, once would think that Violet would actually believe in ghosts, but she is stubbornly holding on to the "hmmm, maybe" mindset.  In the beginning of this book, Violet has definitely earned the nickname "Spooky" Parker and has a gentleman show up at the Realty office asking for her specifically since he heard about her reputation with speaking to ghosts.  Mr. Cornelius Curion wishes to by a haunted hotel, and since all Violet can think about is her children needing things like food and clothing, that she will suck it up and get him the haunted hotel.  

But Ray, has another trick up his sleeve to get rid of Violet.  He has gotten Jane to agree that if Violet doesn't sell the hotel, that she will be fired.  So he tries to outbid her and lets her know that he wants her gone.  In retaliation, Violet taunts Ray with knowing what is going on with the containers that him and George Mudder of Mudder Funeral Homes are smuggling.  Ray gets extremely nasty and threatens Violet.  This just drives her even more to figure out what is going on.

Since the end of the first book, Violet has been having nightmares due to what happened and then with the incidents at the end of book two, Nathalie has been sleeping over, trying to help Violet out.  With her continued refusal to tell Nathalie about her and Doc, this is causing tension between them. But Violet is opening up more to Doc and actually trying to work on her issues.  

The ending of this book really shook me up.  I totally wasn't expecting it, and I am sure that there will be much more follow-up in the next book.  Which I can't wait to come out.  This was a most excellent read, and though the main mystery was wrapped up, there is still so much left unresolved. I had to give this book 5 stars on Goodreads.  It was just that amazing.

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