Monday, January 7

Review: Murder Under Cover by Kate Carlisle

This is the fourth book in the Bibliophile Mystery series by Kate Carlisle.  The book opens on Robin Tully, Brooklyn's best friend returning from 3 weeks on tour of India.  Robin's travel company specializes in sacred and mystical destinations all over the world.  She brings with her a book that her mother, who she visited while in India, had asked her to give to Brooklyn to have refurbished and appraised for a friend.  The friend, and older, wealthy Indian man that Robin says is probably in love with her mother included a letter authorizing Brooklyn to do what is necessary to increase the value of the book.  The book turns out to be an eighteenth century copy of the Kama Sutra, with an elaborately decorated peacock on the cover and embellished with tiny rubies, emeralds and diamonds.  Brooklyn is beside herself with joy of getting to take this book apart and clean it up.

Unfortunately, things don't stay all happiness and joy.  The very next night, Derek and Brooklyn are awakened to someone banging on the front door of the apartment complex and screaming.  Turns out to be Robin, covered in blood and in shock.  Apparently Robin's date that night stayed over and Robin woke up to find that he had been shot twice in her bed, while she was asleep right next to him.  So, although Brooklyn didn't find a dead body this time and she isn't a suspect, she is once again hip deep in a crime scene.  This time to protect her friend Robin.

In this book, we really get to know Robin and her background.  Commander Derek Stone is living with Brooklyn and has opened a branch of his company in San Francisco.   Plus the usual cast of wonderful characters are back, including Brooklyn's parents, their mystical advisor Avatar Robson, aka Guru Bob, Brooklyn's neighbor's Suzie, Vinnie, Jeremy & Sergio, and the shadowy Gabriel.  A new addition is the Chung Family that has moved in to the building.  The little boy Tyler is too cute for words and steals the spotlight in his scenes.  

This was a wonderful addition to the series and I am writing quickly to get this review done so that I can go on to the next book in the series.  I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads.

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