Thursday, January 3

Review: The Undead in My Bed Anthology

This was a great anthology, featuring novellas for 3 series that I currently follow.  The first was by Katie MacAlister called Shades of Gray.  This is book 10.5 of the Dark Ones series and tells the story of Noelle, the Beloved who lost her Dark One to another in an earlier book in the series and Grayson.  It was full of Katie MacAlister's famed snarky humor as Noelle tries very hard to convince Gray that she is his Beloved and isn't scared of the Demon Lord who has sworn to see Gray dead.  The secondary characters are great as usual and provide wonderful comedy to offset Noelle and Gray's romance.

The second novella is Undead Sublet by Molly Harper.  This is the third novella in her Half Moon Hollow spin off series that originated with the Jane Jameson series.  This novellas was great because we got to catch up on Jane, Gabriel, Zeb, Jolene, Andrea & Dick.  in this novella, Tess, a Chicago chef, becomes so exhausted, that she swears the food is talking to her.  She is put on "sabbatical" and decides to go visit her former mentor who had moved to Half Moon Hollow Kentucky.  When Tess rents a house from a woman going through a divorce, she never expects to find out that she already has a roommate living in the basement - the woman's soon to be ex-husband turned vampire, Sam.  The battle of wills as Tess and Sam each fight for the right to live in the house alone, by sabotaging the sleep and personal items of the other is too funny.  I really enjoy going back to Half Moon Hollow and can't wait for another story in this series.

The third novella is Out with a Fang by Jessica Sims.  It is number 1.50 in her Midnight Liaisons series.  Midnight Liaisons is a dating service for the paranormal community around Fort Worth Texas.  I didn't really see where this novella fit in with the other 2 books in the series other than the couple, a Vamp and a Were-Jaguar, meet through the dating service.  When we first meet Ruby, the were-jaguar, she is pining her lost love, a forbidden human that she had to break up with some 5 years before.  She has finally decided to start dating again and is using Midnight Liaisons to find a match.  Her first date is with a vampire who asks that she be blindfolded while they talk and get to know one another.  What happens is a little bit predictable, but the story kept my interest enough to get through.  

Overall, this was a really good book, especially since I am reading all 3 of the series these novellas are part of.  Since the stories were novellas, they were easy, fast reads.  I would recommend to anyone reading the Dark Ones, Half Moon Hollow or Midnight Liaisons series.  

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  1. Well, the hot guy on the cover reeled me in, but your excellent review did the rest. These novellas all sound very compelling, as well as funny. I'm reminded of two of my favorite paranormal authors, Lynsay Sands and Kerrelyn Sparks, who also write very funny books. They concentrate mostly on vamps, although Sparks has a novel about a vamp and an angel, titled "Vampire Mine", that I really enjoyed reading.
    I'm putting this book in my TBR, as well as my Amazon wish list, right now!! Thanks for the review!! :)


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