Sunday, March 17

Hospital Stays and Why They Are Not Really Vacations

For those of you who have been checking out my blog, you may have noticed that I have been missing for the last week.  Where did I go?  Well, it had all the earmarks of a Spring Break Vacation, but none of those fun filled memories to last a life time.  That's right, I got to spend 4 pain filled days and nights in the hospital.  I had hoped to go somewhere interesting for vacation, but unfortunately, it looks like that is not going to be on the agenda this year.  Some could say that I have had my vacation.  And after analyzing the situation, I am going to have to pretty much agree.

Let's begin with the most basic tenants of the vacation:

  • Sleeping In - Check - in between the calls for pain meds
  • Inebriation - Good pain meds, Doc
  • Vomiting - Bad pain meds, Doc
  • Strange Tattoos/Scars - 4 surgical scars added
  • Unrecognizable Foods - Has anyone ever really had good hospital food?
  • Spent too much $ - Well, I haven't gotten the bill yet, but let's safely assume Yes, Yes I did.
  • Recovery Time - Doc said approximately 3 weeks before I would be heading back to work
So in a general, round about way, I got a vacation.  Too bad, I didn't really enjoy it.  After all, I had planned to do some extensive reading.  That did NOT happen.  Obviously.  Between the rooms spins, the nausea, the sleeping and the general pain I am still in, not 1 new book has been read in the past week.  Crap.  There goes my Goodreads Challenge.

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