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Review: A Charming Cure by Tonya Kappes

This is the second book in the Magical Cures series by Tonya Kappes.  This book starts out just weeks after the ending of the first book.  June Heal has come to grips with her psychic and spiritualist ability.  She feels like she is actually making a difference in the life's of those who come to her shop, A Charming Cure, looking for a homeopathic cure for what ails them and living a quiet life.  Unfortunately, things don't stay quiet for long.  June's Aunt Helena, whom she has never met or even heard about before this day, shows up.  Aunt Helena is the Dean at the Hidden Hall, the university that spiritualist go to for training.  And now June must go, for her mandatory training.  

Of course, nothing goes right and everything starts to go wrong almost as soon as June steps foot onto the campus.  It isn't long before June is embroiled in the middle of a battle between Good-Siders and Dark-Siders.  June's not sure exactly what is going on, but when June's mentor, Eloise is accused of harming a student and then goes missing, June will stop at nothing to find her and save the student.  Even if that means being expelled from Hidden Hall and not being able to eventually have a place on the town council.

The point of view of this book is told exclusively from June.  There were parts of this, especially at Hidden Hall, that reminded me strongly of Hogwarts, but at college level.  June is growing in her psychic gifts, but most of her magic seems to be of the "winging it" variety. And we see very little ritual or training going on.

We do get to spend some time with all the very unique characters from Whispering Falls that we came to love in the first book.  Though I do sometimes have a bit of a problem keeping them and their shops straight. This was a great follow up to the first and really works on expanding the world and letting the June's character grow.  Still a solid 3 stars on Goodreads.

Bubble. . .Bubble. . .

Psychic June Heal's homeopathic cure shop, A Charming Cure, is the most popular shop in the unusual little town of Whispering Falls, Kentucky.

Cures and Trouble. . .

June is about to learn she has more than psychic abilities when she attends Hidden Hall A Spiritualist University, leaving her shop in the hands of handsome sheriff Oscar Park.

Hidden Hall has an internal war between the Good-Siders and the Dark-Siders, putting June in the middle.

Magic Stirs. . .

Hidden Hall is riddled with every type of spiritualist. Magic is lurking around every corner, even black-magic.Unfortunately, the Ultimate Spell gets into the wrong hands. But it is only discovered after a few spiritualist go missing or end up poisoned to death.

And Trouble Doubles. . .

Madam Torres, June's crystal ball, reveals that A Charming Cure is in shambles along with the rest of Whistpering Falls.

Will June figure out who has the Ultimate Spell and stop them before they destroy the entire spiritualist community?

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