Friday, March 8

Review: A Charming Potion by Tonya Kappes

This is a novella that takes place just after A Charming Cure, the second book in the Magical Cures series by Tonya Kappes.  I would not recommend it as a stand alone book.  This story is about 82 pages long and reads very quickly, as long as you know the basic story line.  This story takes place as the village of Whispering Falls is gearing up for Halloween.  June and Oscar admitted their attraction to each other at the end of the last book, but have yet to bring their relationship out into the open.  They plan on waiting until after Halloween.

When June goes against her instincts and village law and decides to brew up a love potion for a young woman  who comes into the shop, a comedy of errors and mis-communication begins.

This is a quick read, and unless you have read the other two books, I strongly discourage you from reading this one.  The characters that we have come to know and love are present and accounted for, but the book is simply not long enough to get into their histories. If you are following the series, you will enjoy this little interlude that I am guessing will help bring the relationship gap of June and Oscar between books 2 and 3.  

I enjoyed the novella and am giving it 3 stars on Goodreads.  This has been a solid, fun and light hearted series.  This condensed version hits all the same notes.

What happens when June Heal goes against spiritualist rules and makes a LOVE POTION on the most sacred night of a spiritualist's life, Halloween?

Someone gets the potion that wasn't supposed to. But who?

There isn't any amount of Ding Dongs that is going to help her fix this mess.

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  1. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed visiting Whispering Falls in this short story.


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