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Review: Unbound Anthology

Unbound is an anthology by Angela Knight, Jennifer Ashley, Jean Johnson and Hanna Martine.  Each novella in this book is part of an ongoing series.  I was originally interested in the book because of Jean Johnson and Jennifer Ashley.  But I must say that the Hanna Martine story simply blew me away, and I will be looking for the others in that series.

Enforcer by Angela Knight is part of the Time Hunters series.  This is the third and possibly final story in this series.  I will admit that I didn't finish it.  It has been so long since I read the other stories in the series, and for some reason the writing just didn't speak to me.  Typically I am a huge fan of Angela Knight.  She has been a guaranteed go-to read for years.  Maybe I just need to find and reread the first two books again, but as of right now, eh.  I just don't care to even see how it ends.  What a sad end to a series that started strong.

Perfect Mate by Jennifer Ashley is #4.5 in the Shifters Unbound series.  This is not the first novella in the Shifters Unbound series either.  There are 3 other novellas and 4 full length novels currently out. Each new story builds on a secondary character from a previous book.  And whether full length or novella, the main story arc keeps moving along. This particular story was about a previously introduced female bear finding her mate.  As I have said before, I just really like bear shifter stories and this one is great addition to both the series and my love of bear shifters.  

Jean Johnson gives us The Hunter's Cabin, part of her free online Vulland Chronicles series.  I am not sure where exactly this story falls in the series, but if you are interested in reading the rest of it, please go to for more information.  This story was very interesting and is of the Victorian meets magic variety.  It is a great cross between Urban Fantasy and Steam Punk, two great genres that match up very well together in this short introduction to Miss Vielle, Mr. Kierseith and the Vulland Chronicles.  I will be reading the rest of the story, you should check them out as well. 

No Surprise More Magical is part of Hanna Martine's The Elementals series.  This is an author I had not heard of before.  But this is why I love Anthologies.  Like small, tasty packages of goodness that can introduce you to new favorite authors.  This short story comes after the first two books in the series.  We are introduced to two characters who each for there own reasons, have given the other a chance to be free.  Neither realizing that the other returns their own feelings.  We see each characters point of view and I was left shaking my head about how they seriously misunderstood the others feelings.  Especially for two people who have been friends as long as they have.  This was a nice introduction to the world created by Ms. Martine, and has left me wanting to find out more.  2 thumbs up, nice job!

I am giving this book 3 stars on Goodreads.  Although disappointed by the first story, the other three made up for it and gave me a new series and new author to start reading. Overall, a worthwhile read. 

Desire is released in these original stories by four masters of paranormal romance.

New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight revisits the world of Guardian and genetically engineered Temporal Enforcers Dona and Alerio who combine their talents—and fight their passions—as they investigate a time-travel murder spree.

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ashley continues her Shifters Unbound series as Bear Shifter Cormac is determined to take single mom Nell as his mate, despite her objections—until her sons are endangered and she desperately needs help.

National bestselling author Jean Johnson returns to her Vulland Chronicles: On the run after being falsely accused of treason, ex-prince Kiereseth and his companion Vielle take refuge in a snow-bound cabin—and in each other’s arms.

And Hanna Martine expands on the fascinating world she introduced in Liquid Lies. After dissolving their arranged marriage so he can win her on his own terms, Ofarian guard David pairs up with the heartbroken Kelsey to try to thwart an enemy to their race.

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