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Book Blogger Hop April 27th

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week a question is asked and we bloggers answer.

This week's question  is asked by Tanya from Girlxoxo blog.

What was the last book you read that made you laugh out loud?
Oh boy, what a question.  I really like books with a sense of humor, the snarkier the better.  If an author has dialogue that has me repeating it out loud, I am hooked.  I have been known to call my sister on the phone and repeat awesome dialogue to her.  So, laughing out loud?  Yeah, I am totally there.

There have been times I have been sitting in at the Laundromat, at a doctor's office and once even while waiting on a job interview, that I have burst out laughing or giggling.  Most people give you the stink eye and ignore you, but occasionally  I have had other bookworms give me a smile and nod of compatriotism.

I think the last book that I read that I had to put down because I was laughing so hard was Wolf with Benefits by Shelly Laurenston.  Ms. Laurenston is one of the few authors that holds a place of honor on my Keeper shelves.  I have 1 bookshelf.  So only books that I absolutely MUST keep earn a spot on it.

Do you like books that cause you to laugh out loud?  What's the most embarrassing place you have done so?

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