Thursday, April 4

E's blog: The Fiction Train

E's blog: The Fiction Train:
"Back in the 70s the singing group the O’Jays recorded their hit song Love Train.

People all over the world
join hands
Start a Love Train, Love Train.

I loved that song. Yeah, I’m old. What of it?!?

Today I want to introduce you to a fun new opportunity to participate in an ongoing story with me on my blog. I call it The Fiction Train.

People all over theworld
join hands
I’m startin’ a fiction train, fiction train.

Hey! I’m an author, not a song writer. Get over yourself!"

Go take a look at E. Van Lowe's, author of the YA series Falling Angels Saga, blog.  He is having some fun on his blog by hosting a story train. E will give us an opening line for a story, and then commenters will keep it going and possibly win some cool prizes.

There are some rules to remember though:

1) No Profanity - He writes YA and there will be minors on the blog.
2) No Erotica - Duh, same reason
3) Offensive entry will be deleted - subject to E's discretion
4) Minors who win a prize have to have mom or dad accept the prize.
5) Minimum word count 50, Maximum word count 175. Shorter or longer will be deleted.
6)Multiple entries are allowed, but there must be 2 entries between your posts.
7)Minimum of 30 entries for prizes to be awarded.
8)Contest ends in 90 days or anytime after 30 entries that the story gets boring - E's discretion again

This is open to authors, bloggers, agents, aspiring writers, friends, fans - any and all who wish to participate.  This starts today on his site here.

I know I will be stopping by, as it looks like a lot of fun.  I haven't played done anything like this since middle school. It will be interesting to see what happens as the story grows.

Hope to see you there!

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