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Book Tour, Review & Giveaway: Warrior Rogue by Nancy J. Cohen

Warrior Rogue

Warrior Rogue
The Drift Lords, Book 2
Nancy J. Cohen

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: April 26, 2013

Trade: 978-1-61217-739-7
Digital: 978-1-61217-740-3

Number of pages: 410
Word Count: 100688

Cover Artist: Tamra Westberry

Available at the following retailers:
Amazon     BN     Wild Ross Press

When fashion designer Jennifer Dyhr loses her lead actor for a video-game commercial, a replacement literally drops from the sky. Reluctant to let him leave, she hires him as a model for her studio. But when terrorists attack their flight home, Jen must awaken powers she didn’t know she had to protect them both. Will she be able to keep her heart safe from the sensual man beside her?

When space ops warrior Paz Hadar falls through a spatial rift onto Jen’s set, he soon realizes she is essential to his mission. Not only must he protect her, his success depends upon her special powers. But as they struggle to stay one step ahead of the enemy, he discovers that fighting his attraction to the lovely Jen is as much a challenge as keeping them both alive.

“Come on, we can’t waste time.” Paz signaled to her from the open hatchway.

She staggered toward him. Peering outside, she was glad to note they didn’t need the emergency chute. They could easily jump the short distance to the ground. Holding her long skirt, she leaped after Paz onto the beach.

He caught her in his muscular arms and gently eased her down. His tousled hair, determined jaw, and ocean blue eyes had never looked better.

“Thank you. You saved our lives.” On impulse, Jen rose on her tiptoes and kissed him. She’d only meant it to be a brief expression of gratitude, but Paz’s gaze intensified. He swept her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss that left her breathless.

“We’re safe now.” He broke away with a regretful expression. “At least, for the moment. But we shouldn’t linger.”

“For the moment? What does that mean?” The memory of those ugly men who’d attacked them returned with full force. “You know who assaulted us, don’t you? When are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

“Let’s summon help first. I need to put my comm unit back together. If we can hook it into a local network, you can call your people.”

“I have my cell phone.” She patted her purse.

His hand clamped onto her arm. “We should scout around. Our landing probably attracted attention, and we don’t want the wrong people to find us.”


This is the second book in the Drift Lords series by Nancy J. Cohen.  I liked the first book and can honestly say that this book was even better than the last.  We start this book during the last big battle of the last book.  This is Paz, the communication officer's story.  If you read the first one, you will remember that he fell or was pushed into some kind of hydro plant turbine and was presumed killed.  Actually, he falls into the water and then is sucked into a space time rift and dumped in Japan near where Jennifer Dyhr is working on the set of a Viking movie.  Jen is a fashion designer and is well known for her costume designs, specifically Viking themed costumes.  She is in Japan specifically to do the costumes for this movie.

At first Paz is very confused and thinks that someone is attacking a bunch of villages.  His training kicks in and he manages to subdue the assailant.  Unfortunately this was not in the script.  The movie people had mistaken Paz for a replacement movie star and with his confusion from surviving near death and then going through the rift he didn't realize what was going on.  The movie people thought that he had just done a real good job on his make-up and came in ready to go to work.  It's not until Paz beats up the actor playing the villain and Jen starts to take him to task over it that she realizes that Paz's wounds are real and not make-up.

After getting medical attention, Paz realizes that Jen must be one of Odin's daughters.  She has the watch with the Rune on it and he is strangely drawn to her.  As Paz is trying to figure out a way to get in touch with the other Drift Lords, Jen is called home to Palm Beach, Florida on a family emergency.  She offers Paz a ride home on jet that her father has chartered for her.  As Paz is trying to explain to Jen about the Drift Lords, the Trolleks, Viking Mythology and their shared destiny, little does she know that she will soon have to both believe and trust in Paz and his ability to keep her safe.

This book had a much tighter plot and the action moved from scene to scene with very little lag.  There were a few nice little plot twists, and Paz and Jen spent much of their journey alone together, really getting to know each other and learn to depend on one another.  It made their courtship sweeter and more organic.  Not to date myself, but it had a Romancing the Stone feel to it that I really liked.

I believe we meet the couple from the next book in the series.  We find out Dal has returned with a woman, another daughter of Odin.  They are present when Paz and Jen finally make it to the other Drift Lords in Orlando.  I am a little confused as to how Dal and Lianne's story will work with the series.  Them being together at the end of this book makes me wonder if we will be back tracking for them, or maybe the series will do some overlapping as the 6 daughters of Odin and the 6 sons of Thor get together.

Overall this was a good book and the series just seems to keep getting better.  We meet some new characters, touch base with some former characters, learn some new information, the overall arc progresses and this couple is headed for their HEA.  I am giving it 4 stars on Goodreads.  Here's to a great follow up.

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Nancy is running a Rafflecopter contest on her sites April 26 - May 19. Grand Prize is a hand-made troll from Trolls of Norway.

Two runners-up will each receive a signed print copy of Wicked Women Whodunit.  Enter here: http://nancyjcohen.com/fun-stuff/contest/

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Author Bio:

Nancy J. Cohen is an award-winning author of eighteen romance and mystery novels. Her humorous Bad Hair Day mystery series features hairdresser Marla Shore, who solves crimes with wit and style under the sultry Florida sun. Several of these titles have made the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association bestseller list.

Shear Murder is the tenth and latest title in this series. Nancy's imaginative romances have also proven popular with fans. Her paranormal romance titles have won the HOLT Medallion Award and Best Book in Romantic SciFi/Fantasy at The Romance Reviews.

Warrior Rogue, #2 in the Drift Lords Series, is her latest title from The Wild Rose Press.

Active in the writing community and a featured speaker at libraries and conferences, Nancy is listed in Contemporary Authors, Poets & Writers, and Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors, & Poets.

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