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Book Blogger Hop June 29th

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This week's question  is asked by Aloi from Guiltless Reading blog.


So would you read a book just because of the hype?


No.  Nope. Nuh-huh. Nyet.  No way.  Fuhgeddaboudit.

There are many, many very popular books out there that I have no intention of reading.  Ever.  Way, way too many of them are YA or it's closely related sibling, NA.  For the most part, this is just not my genre.  I have issues dealing with teens in real life, why in the hell would I want to deal with them in my free time?

I will say that when hype brings a book to my attention over and over again, I am more likely to do some research on it to decide if it is for me or not.  I am one of those odd people who only reads what I think I will like.  Call me crazy, but why waste time on reading something that doesn't speak to me.  

Do you judge a book on it's hype or by its own merit?


  1. I am somewhat the same. I never thought Hunger Games sounded appealing, although technically I picked it up. Only got through a few pages and just couldn't get into it. With that said, I never planned to pick up Harry Potter, and didn't until all the movies had come out, but I am glad I changed my mind on this one. I just loved it. Happy weekend!


    Meredith’s Musings

  2. What a great answer. Made me laugh.

    I agree...I will check out the hype, but that doesn't mean I will read it just because it is hyped up.

    Stop by my blog if you like for my full answer.

    Happy Hopping!!


    Silver's Reviews

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  3. I agree with your answer, to some extent. While I do pay attention to hype (which happened after I started blogging), there are books I totally refuse to read, in spite of it. But I do look into a 'hyped up' book, by checking out reviews on Goodreads, Shelfari, and Amazon. If I like what I discover, I will definitely give the book a chance.
    Great answer! Have a nice weekend!! : )

  4. I always knew hype was going on before blogging, but unless a personal friend recommended the book, I let it pass. One of the best things I have discovered with blogging are all the new friends I have. *grin*

  5. I commented on yours. Hopefully I made you laugh again. ;)

  6. I read Harry Potter after falling in love with the first 2 films. I will admit, I didn't even know they existed until I saw the movies. *face palm* YES, I was that out of it! I started reading them with the idea that the books are usually better, and wasn't disappointed. (Though I admit to checking them out of the library and not buying them in case I was wrong.)

    I haven't read the Hunger Games because of my YA ban, but then I haven't watched the movie yet either. Someone told me that I would enjoy the books, but this was from someone whose opinion I am afraid that I just don't trust. (If you know what I mean :/)

  7. I was told by many I'd love Hunger Games. But it just wasn't for me. The movie was done well I guess, but the whole thing just depressed me. I know, dystopian, not supposed to be like actually fun or anything. But I've read others that still entertained without making me so miserable LOL.

    I saw a few HP movies before I read the book too. I think 1 & 2. And I checked them out too! I was so annoyed that after so many years there was still a wait on the last two. I usually like to wait for a series to complete before I read it. No patience LOL. Of course, now I have my own shiny set.


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