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Book Blast & Giveaway: Legacy Reborn by Genie Gabriel

Legacy Reborn

Legacy Reborn
The Halo Legacy Series, Book 9
Genie Gabriel

Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press

Date of Publication: June 30, 2013

Word Count: 36,405

Available at the following retailers:
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An attorney devoted to social causes and a burned out women's advocate help save their home town while struggling not to fall in love. However, an unintended pregnancy and a gift from the heart lead them on a journey to new possibilities and love.

As the sun stretched its morning rays gently over the farm, Phoenix rose quietly and walked onto the newly constructed deck. Tears misted her eyes once again.

"Do you like it?" CJ asked quietly.

Phoenix turned to stare at the man standing several feet away from her. The man she was going to marry today.

She couldn't speak, but simply nodded and held out her hand to him.

CJ took her hand and led her to stand in front of the sliding glass doors that enclosed the deck, making it a cozy retreat with a fire burning in the outdoor fireplace.

"You have blisters on your hands." Phoenix turned CJ's hands up and looked at the palms.

"Love blisters."

Phoenix laughed as she shook her head. "I'm sure I have some ointment I've used for the llamas that will help those."

"I don't want to upset Romeo by using all his ointment."

CJ and Phoenix laughed together, then lapsed into silence. After a moment, CJ asked, "Are you okay with getting married?"

Slowly, Phoenix nodded. "I still can't quite believe something so beautiful has come into my life. Then all the old fears and doubts start crowding into my head. But my 'sisters' helped me see love is a gift we should treasure and not a regret we passed up."

Turning his palms up, Phoenix kissed the blisters on CJ's hands. One by one.

Other Books in the Series: 

Book 1:
Picture Perfect Legacy

Social worker Marly O'Shea is determined to find the birth mother of a stolen baby, which leads to Halo, Oregon, and an "accidental" marriage to Deputy Dawson Browning. Haunted by memories of an abusive childhood, Dawson vows to protect this child from a similar fate. Marly and Dawson's conflict over the best home for the baby changes to teamwork when crimes linked to the child hit small-town Halo. As they track an elusive villain, they must also decide if their partnership can be personal as well as professional.

Book 2:
Legacy of Angels

Claudia deGras was forced into prostitution by her mother at age twelve. In spite of the trauma and abuse, she dreams of a respectful life filled with joy, laughter and the love of one man. Ironically, that man is Patrick O'Shea, a priest facing demons of his own. Since seminary, he has suffered memory loss and darkness at the edges of his vision that extend into his soul. Patrick and Claudia are drawn together in a deeply emotional journey of healing that becomes a life-and-death challenge to outwit the twisted man-beast who has vowed revenge against all he thinks have wronged him.

Book 3:
Living the Legacy

A jaded reporter with a penchant for flashy shoes stumbles onto an explosive story when a beast-man blows up her hometown. She hides her own secrets as she digs for a truth hidden deep in the past of this small mining town. When she turns to a soft-spoken bomb tech for help, they uncover evidence that could shatter lives and defuse their budding love.

Book 4:
Chasing the Legacy

An early childhood of dodging fists and anger has left sniper Collin O'Shea always vigilant for danger. So he is totally unprepared for how quickly the innocent sweetness of Beth Boulanger claims his heart. Their whirlwind marriage is shaken when the harsh reality of Collin's job collides with Beth's sheltered upbringing. Will they survive the unknown dangers that stalk them and threaten their unborn child?

Book 5:
Challenging the Legacy

Super-mom Tallie O'Shea took on eight adopted children and built a legacy of compassionate justice with her policeman husband. When he is gunned down, she doesn't think it's an accident. Then a former lover shows up and the lies from her past start unraveling. As dangers explode around her, can Tallie set things right before everything she loves is destroyed?

Book 6:
Legacy Under Fire

After being trapped in an arson fire that destroyed her clinic and her memory, a doctor struggles to regain her courage as well as solve the mystery of why someone would want to kill her. A different kind of heat fills her life when she falls in love with the firefighter who rescued her, but can he protect her from the man determined to snuff out her life?

Book 7:
Shadow of the Legacy

A letter from his dead father and a confession of killing a woman throws a shadow of suspicion over the life of an easy-going cop. When he returns to his hometown to find the truth, he discovers secrets that have held the town hostage for decades, danger that threatens his life, and love with a woman determined to be no more than friends.

Book 8:
Legacy of Truth

Thomas O'Shea is the bad boy in a family of overachievers, haunted by what he saw as a child. When he turns to a woman known as The Wizard to help him solve the mystery of his adoptive father's death, the killers start closing in. His childhood memories hold the key to saving his family--if they can uncover the truth buried beneath years of fear and deceit.


Genie will be awarding nine $9 Amazon GCs -- eight will be awarded to randomly drawn commenters during the tour, and one will be awarded to a randomly drawn host.

So follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning.

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Author Bio:

I'm an optimist whose rose-colored glasses have bent frames and cracked lenses. When life kicks me in the teeth, I find miracles and lessons I refused to learn an easier way. In fact, I live with a small herd of miracles in the furry forms of dogs, who are constantly trying to teach me to forgive, to play more, and to love without limits. I write about people who find courage and integrity in the darkest times of their lives, who rescue stray dogs and kittens, who find a person they would willingly give their lives for, and who make their little corners of the world a better place. People have remarked my stories "aren't what they expected." With rose-colored glasses firmly in place, I take that as a compliment. I invite you to share a piece of my world in the pages of a book, and hope you find some surprises, some tears, some laughter, and always a happy ending.

To connect with the author online:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Goodreads


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