Saturday, July 6

Book Blogger Hop July 6th

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This week's question  is asked by Elizabeth from Silver's Review blog.


Do you like or dislike Raffelcopter and why?


I am not a huge fan of Raffelcopter.  I know everybody uses it and it is soooo much better than putting forty bazillion things in a comment, but to me it is just a little um... awkward.  I mean I am constantly going back and forth copying and pasting information into it for verification.  Never mind the fact that the darn thing seems to constantly go down.

My personal choice is Giveaway Tools.  It's free, the verification process is just so much friendlier for those filling it out, plus it just looks cooler than that plain white box.

What are your thoughts on it?  Which do you prefer to use to fill out giveaways?


  1. Interesting I hadn't seen Giveaway Tools before. I use rafflecopter now and again. Don't love it but at least it helps with likes/etc for authors/bloggers vs comments that don't. Will have to check out GT now :)

  2. Back in November and December before I got back into blogging, it seemed like everybody and their dog was having some kind of giveaway or hop. (The holidays!! Who knew, right?) That was when I discovered Giveaway Tools. It was just so much easier as a contestant to fill out. So now when I personally do a giveaway, I use the Giveaway Tools form.


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