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Book Tour, Review: Looming Murder by Carol Ann Martin

Looming Murder

Looming Murder
A Weaving Mystery, Book 1
Carol Ann Martin

Genre: Cozy Myster
Publisher: Signet

Date of Publication: June 4, 2013

Number of pages: 336

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Della Wright has come to peaceful and picturesque Briar Hollow, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to realize her lifelong dream of owning a weaving studio. To promote her new business, Dream Weavers, Della is offering weaving workshops for all levels of ability. In her first class, she meets half a dozen of the town’s colorful characters, who seem as eager to gossip as to learn how to work a loom. But when a shady local businessman is found murdered, Briar Hollow suddenly appears a lot less idyllic. And when one of her weaving students is suspected of the crime, Della can’t help getting entangled in the investigation—with some help from her criminologist friend, Matthew. But can she weave together clues as well as she weaves together yarn—and stop a killer from striking again?



This is the first book in the Weaving Mystery Series by Carol Ann Martin.  We are introduced to Della Wright, former business analyst from Charlotte and now a full time weaver and small business owner living in the small town of Briar Hollow.  Della has traded houses with her long time friend, Matthew.  Since Matthew has a job teaching criminology at the University of Charlotte while working on a book about criminology, this trade works well for both of them.

The story opens with Della waiting for a group of weavers to arrive in response to her advertisement for a weaving group.  She has put together a charity project, making baby blankets for the local hospital.  An interesting and diverse group of people show up.  Some are novices and some are more experienced weavers.  One gentleman is doing this as a way to work off some community service time.  But Della is excited to meet them all and start getting to know some people in the area.  She has been in town for a little while but hasn't really managed to make any friends yet.

Things start to get interesting when Matthew comes back, having gotten the book deal he has always dreamed of.  Unfortunately this puts Della in the awkward position of needing to find another place for her shop, as she opened it in the living areas of Matthews old fashioned gingerbread house.  During the search for a new property, a murder is committed and secrets are exposed.  Della is caught square in the middle and becomes determined to help clear her new friends' names.

I really enjoyed this series.  There is the hint of a romance that could blossom between Della and Matthew, but right now it is just being hinted at.  I was totally shocked at who the killer turned out to be. It was a total surprise to me.  I missed the cleverly hidden clues to their identity and that shocked me.  I am usually much better at figuring out the whodunit, plus there were several twists that I just never saw coming.  For me that makes the story more interesting and keeps my interest.  I will be watching for the next one and will be sure to read it.  This is a great new cozy series.  I am giving it 4 stars on Goodreads.


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Author Bio:

Carol Ann Martin is a pen name for Monique Domovich. The author lives with her husband and an ever expanding family of dogs. They travel extensively and she is never seen without her laptop. When is not writing or traveling, she bakes and weaves.

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  1. Oh I need to read more cozy mysteries. I love when I can't figure out who really did it and am kept guessing. That's so awesome. I bet my mom would love this one too. I'll have to say something next time we chat--she LOVES her cozies. Great review Judy!

  2. This one had a unique feel with the weaving, an original take for me. Plus the characters were really well defined and didn't come off as cardboard cut-outs. It was just a really good read. I hope you enjoy it. :)


  4. Congratulations on the publication of Looming Murder! It sounds like a very interesting book. I love cozy mysteries dealing with crafts.

  5. I hope you went to the tour page and posted a comment so you are in the drawing. But thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. I have never seen one dealing with weaving before. It was very interesting. Almost makes me want to try my hand at it.


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