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Quote-Tastic: Grand Theft Auto

This meme is about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!
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“I’m almost afraid to bring it up again, but how did you get this car?” Jean was an opportunist. I figured he’d won it in a card game and planned to sell it to the merman, or Rene Delachaise had bought it and was paying Jean to deliver it. Although I had to question the judgment of anyone who’d entrust delivery of an expensive sports car to a guy who first died before the Pony Express had been conceived.

“There is an interesting story of how I procured this automobile, Jolie. In taking a morning stroll near my hotel, I took a short route to the square of Andrew Jackson and there I discovered it, behind a building. An individual had left it for the taking.”

Uh-oh. My blood pressure began a steady climb toward stroke level. “What building?”

“My apologies, but I do not remember precisely.” He smiled, closed his eyes, and leaned back as the wind whipped across his face. My own enjoyment of the convertible dived into free-fall.

I groaned. “Some idiot left his keys in the car and you stole it. Oh my God, you’re a freaking pirate. Of course you stole it.” My gullibility sometimes amazed even me. I’d try to think the best of a person and—boom—some reality obvious to everyone else knocked the bejesus out of me. I’d never hear the end of this from Alex.

“I am not a pirate, but a privateer, a simple businessman. How could you think me capable of thievery, Drusilla?” Jean sounded indignant. This from a guy with more than two hundred years’ experience in creative procurement. “VoilĂ ! There it sat, just asking to be taken. Surely no person would leave a key in an automobile if he did not wish it to have a new owner, oui?”

Good Lord. What had I been thinking? What if we were stopped by the parish police? How could I explain driving downriver in a hot convertible with a big, armed Frenchman claiming to be the long-dead Jean Lafitte? I could be a little entrepreneurial in my problem-solving, but my willingness to act outside the rulebook didn’t quite extend to grand theft auto.

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In this scene, Jean Lafitte had arrived to meet Drusilla and her co-sentinel and FBI agent, Alex to head to a meeting with a local mer group. Drusilla is driving because Jean doesn't have a driver's license, Alex won't let Jean drive it without one and Jean is insisting that he must deliver the corvette to Rene.  

Do you have a book or series that sticks in your head months, even years later?   

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  1. I really need to check out this series. :D

  2. That would definitely be an interesting one to try and explain. ;)

  3. Oh, it is good. I hear that a 3rd one is being released soon. Better catch up quick. ;)

  4. I thought so too. Jean Lafitte is such a great character in this series. I can't wait to see more of him.


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