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Book Blogger Hop August 24th

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week a question is asked and we bloggers answer.

This week's question  is asked by Elizabeth from Silver's Review blog.


Book blogging is more than just reading. Who helped you set up or run your blog? Or did you do it all yourself?


I have been book blogging for about 8 months now.  When I first started out, my site was more basic.  But as I have become more experienced as a blogger and grown, I have added and changed things.  I am sure that I will make more changes as I continue to learn.

As I have become more familiar with other's blogs I see things that I like about them and then try to do similar things to my own.  Most of the time I end up spending a lot of time researching How To sites and blogs to create the effects I want.  But in the long run, it makes me much prouder of my blog because it is my hard work and effort that has made it what it is so far.  

Now sounds like a great time to get some feedback on what you like or dislike about my blog. Any suggestions?  Things you wish I did or had to make your experience on my blog better? 


  1. You site looks fantastic. Keep up the good work.

    Happy Hopping!!
    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  2. I've been learning on my own as well. I haven't been blogging nearly as long but it's a learning process. :)

  3. Super glad you joined the blogging world. Isn't it fun! It's super great to have sites and maybe fellow bloggers help with ideas and other likes to improve a blog. I'm glad you're enjoying your time as a blogger. :D

  4. Oh yes it is! I have learned more about HTML and coding than I ever thought possible. Of course, I also keep a saved word document on my desktop with all my "cheater codes" set up so I can just copy and paste, but still... lol.

  5. I love seeing other blogs and checking out how they do things. Plus, it seems like all the very best people are book bloggers. :)


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