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Quote-Tastic: Let Me Show You My Badge

This meme is about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!
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I focused away from Jimmy the Fink’s body while Spencer called the coroner’s office. I couldn’t help but notice the stack of mail on the table. Jimmy wasn’t talking anymore, and he probably wasn’t Randy Terns’ murderer, since he had been murdered himself. Perhaps my only chance of gleaning insight into the murders and the whereabouts of Chuck Costas was in Jimmy’s mail. The envelopes were open, so, it wouldn’t technically be a federal crime if I borrowed them. Besides, Jimmy the Fink didn’t need his mail anymore. I was really doing a service for the cleanup crew, I figured. I slipped them into my purse a second before Spencer whipped around to face me.

“Did you touch something?”

“No,” I lied. I coughed and sputtered and sweat rolled down the side of my face. I stood up. “Look, I have to go home and work. I’ve taken off way too much time today. Love calls, you know.”

He put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re not going anywhere, Pinkie, until my men arrive and we get this wrapped up. Sit down.”

“Hands up, punk!”

The super crashed through the open door, the biggest gun I had ever seen in his trembling hands, his finger on the trigger. Spencer didn’t lose his cool.

“Whoa, buddy,” he said, calmly. “Take it easy.”

“I will not take it easy. Get your hands off the girl before I blow a hole through your middle so big they’ll be able to drive trucks through it.”

Spencer removed his hand from my shoulder. “It’s not what it looks like. I’m a cop. Let me show you my badge.”

But the super wasn’t listening. Instead, he was looking down at Jimmy the Fink’s corpse. “What’d you do to Jimmy? Jesus Christ, you got a gun!” Spencer had reached for his badge but in doing so, had revealed his sidearm.

“Sir, I’m a cop. I’m the chief of police. Let me show you my badge.”

“Is that true?” The question was directed to me.

“Well …,” I said, shrugging.

This seemed to be the answer the super was looking for.

“Freeze! Don’t move a muscle,” he shouted at Spencer.

“May I go now? I’m not feeling very well,” I said. And just like that, I left the room, the super’s gun pointed at Spencer’s head, Jimmy the Fink dead on the floor, and Jimmy’s mail stuffed in my purse. In a few minutes the police would arrive and everything would be settled. In the meantime, was my presence really necessary?

I hopped in Spencer’s car and drove home.

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Gladie, aka Pinkie, has tracked down the address of one of the men she thinks was blackmailing her dead neighbor.  Turns out he is dead too.  

This is just one great scene in a book full of great scenes.

Do you have a book or series that sticks in your head months, even years later?   

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  1. Hah, smart thinking on her part! I'm sure she pays for it later.

  2. haha i have this one on my TBR already, maybe it needs to be moved up. I think I like that chick and her thinking. LOL

    -Amanda P

    Where the Night Kind Roam

  3. lol and she took his car? bwaha nice. I loved how she talked herself into taking the mail. I've got this on the tbr list. Looks like it'll be a fun one :)

  4. LOL I love it. Sounds like a fun read.


  5. Ha! Sounds like quite an interesting book!

  6. lols...oh boy is she going to get it from Spencer :0 great quote!

  7. The whole book is like this. Both of them actually. I love this series and can't wait for book 3 to come out.

  8. Oh yeah. Definitely worth a checking out.

  9. Yes! I recently did a review on it and it's sequel, Matchpoint, as well as an interview with the author. Feel free to check it out for more information. :)

  10. You would think, but she just keeps running circles around him. lol.

  11. oh? well I think I'm going to have to pick this one up...lols


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