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Review: Hunger Moon by Melissa Snark

This is the first full length novel in the Victoria Storm series by Melissa Snark.  I received this book and it's prequel, The Child Thief, from the author in exchange for an honest review.  The first story, The Child Thief is very short, just a little over 26 pages long.  It was a nice introduction to Victoria, but really not necessary for the story line of the novel.

The story opens with Victoria in a fight with Sawyer, the brother of her former lover, Daniel. He is the remaining child of Jake Barrett, a Hunter, who has suddenly turned on Victoria's pack.  The Barrett's hold Victoria and her pack responsible for Daniel's death.  Most of Victoria's pack is gone, including her parents, leaving Victoria to lead and protect the pack.  Victoria is also a Valkyrie in service to Freya. As Freya's priestess, she speaks with her goddess and even can travel to Asgard, since she escorts the souls of slain warriors to Valhalla via the Bifrost. Victoria ends up saving the life of Sawyer, because the ghost of Daniel requests it of her.  This confuses Sawyer and he takes off.

Freya sends Victoria and her pack to California in search of a mate to strengthen the pack. When Victoria gets to Sierra Pines, she finds that the Alpha she is in search of, has only 1 member in his pack, his son.  The Alpha, Arik Koenig, turns out to be an attorney and brother-in-law to the local sheriff.  Victoria likes the look of the Alpha, but there are issues to be addressed and worked out.  Including the belief that Arik's son, Logan could be a feared berserker and killed his own mother during his first change.

This was an interesting take on Viking mythology.  The werewolves are descendants of Fenrir and stay close to the Norse traditions and beliefs.  There were a couple of spots that dragged a little, mainly due to more background information being given, but otherwise it was a very interesting read.  I really liked that the author wasn't afraid to remove characters and took some very daring chances with her characters. I am looking forward to the sequel to see where the story line is headed.  I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads.

Valkyrie Victoria Storm desires nothing more than to provide her wolf pack with a safe haven, but her position as priestess to the Goddess Freya also brings with it certain… obligations. Not to mention complications.

War with the Barrett family resulted in the deaths of her parents and most of her pack. Now, hunters are hot on the trail of the remaining pack members. Sawyer Barrett, a human hunter hell bent on revenge, is convinced that Victoria murdered his brother. He will stop at nothing to see her dead.

Victoria must defend the survivors and somehow lead them to safety. Months on the run has weakened the pack, and there are newborn pups to protect, making swift travel impossible. Ahead, the promise of refuge beckons.

Their best chance for survival lies in Sierra Pines, California: Arik Koenig, a powerful, dominant male wolf. He promises to protect and provide for the pack, something Victoria knows the pack needs for survival. His mysterious past is riddled with violence and death, including the slaughter of his entire family twenty years before. His wife died under mysterious circumstances and his son, Logan, is rumored to be her killer.

What is truth? Who can she trust? The desperate spirit of Arik’s murdered wife calls out for help, and Logan begs for assistance in clearing his name. Victoria must solve a murder that has pitted father against son, rooted in a mystery reaching back two decades. Her quest starts her on a journey from the human world to Odin’s Valhalla and back again.

Victoria will find salvation or face destruction beneath the Hunger Moon…

Warning: story contains heart-stopping action scenes, sizzling hot sexual tension and language you wouldn't want your mother to hear.

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