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Fall Into Romance Blog Hop & Early Review of The Volatile Amazon by Sandy James

My entry for the Fall into Romance Blog Hop is The Volatile Amazon by Sandy James.  I was super lucky to be offered the book for early review by the author. Apparently she remembered how much I adored the first 3 books!  I was super excited to get started on this book mixed with a touch of sadness that it would be the last book in the quartet.  My fingers are crossed that we haven't seen the last of the Amazon's world. Maybe, just maybe, another series could be in the works. (Fingers are crossed!)


This is the the fourth and final book in the Alliance of the Amazons series by Sandy James.  I was given an ARC of the book by the author for an honest review.  This is the story of the Water Amazon, Sarita and takes place about a year after the closing of The Brazen Amazon.  Sarita has been labeled as the weaker Amazon, mainly due to her small stature and forgiving nature.  Add in all the problems she had early on with killing zombies and it's easy to see why the other three do what they can to protect her.

This story starts out a little different than the others.  The first person we meet is Ian, though we don't know that at the time.  He is stuck in Limbo, and though his heart burns with revenge, all he can do is put one foot in front of the other, walking back and forth, trapped forever in a bland monotony.  Until a woman comes and promises him his revenge if she will worship and follow her.

Next we see all four of the Amazon patronesses consulting a seer. There they find out that the impending doom of mankind and the only person who may find a way to stop it is Sarita.  This task she must do alone, without the aid of her trainers, sisters, or even their patronesses.  Sarita must meet her destiny and find a way to save the world.

I just need to say, AMAZING!!  I was hooked from the beginning and managed to devour this book in one sitting.  There were so many twists and turns and OMG! moments.  I went from laughing out loud to crying at emotional scenes in this book.  You absolutely have to read the other books in the series to really get the most emotional impact, because after 3 books you know and are invested in the characters.  This was a 5 star Goodreads rating for me and I can only hope that Ms. James will pick up the story with the Sons of Gaia.  This is a universe too rich and unique to end after only 4 books.

Sarita Neeraj has never felt like a real Amazon. Compared to the obvious strengths of her sisters, her Water powers seem small as her stature. She’s determined to prove herself—unfortunately, all that gets her is captured by an enemy.

Ian serves a twisted goddess, preferring this to an empty afterlife. He’s taken Sarita hostage to coax the other Amazons from their safe haven. But in his ancient Scottish castle, the passion and love Ian finds for Sarita resurrect his honor, until he chafes at the dark will of his mistress. 

Sarita has finally found happiness—but before she can enjoy it, she’s “rescued” by her furious sisters. To save Ian from destruction at the hands of the Amazons, Sarita must risk wielding magick that could change her very nature. Only then can she prove the Water Amazon is the strongest of the four—and save them all from destruction.

Meet Earth, Fire, and Air in The Reluctant Amazon, The Impetuous Amazon, and The Brazen Amazon.

Release Date: September 30, 2013 
Available at the following retailers: 
Amazon     BN     Kobo     ARe

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