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Quote-Tastic: Arrogant Ass... Sounds exactly like him

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Penalty Clause by Lori Ryan

Andrew slammed the door with a little more force than was probably necessary but it felt really good. Turning Jill in his arms, he studied her face. She still wore the same stunned, confused look. Damn, she felt so good in his arms. So right pressed up against his body.

“Sorry, I probably should have let you handle that. It just didn’t sound like he was gonna leave any time soon and your eggs were burning,” Andrew said. Andrew couldn’t seem to let Jill go. The bewildered look on her face was just too damn cute.

“My eggs? Oh! My eggs. Oh, crap!” Jill broke out of Andrew’s hold and rushed back to the kitchen, leaving Andrew with a disturbingly empty feeling where she’d been.

Andrew walked into the kitchen to find Jill dumping eggs in the garbage can.

“I hate that he still gets me flustered. But, what the hell is he doing showing up this early in the morning, unannounced, now that I live forty minutes away from him. Who does that?” Jill looked up at Andrew as if she expected him to be able to explain her ex’s behavior.

“You handled him just fine. You stood your ground and told him to go away. I wouldn’t call that flustered.” Andrew watched as Rev tried to get into the garbage can for the trashed eggs.

“I tell him that every time he comes around. So far, the words are completely ineffective,” Jill said.

Andrew watched her crack more eggs into the pan and begin to scramble them as he tried to figure out how to ask his next question.

“When you say he doesn’t listen, you don’t mean... I mean, he doesn't ever force his way in, does he?” Andrew could feel the tightness in his jaw as he asked the question. He clenched his fists at his sides, holding his breath as he waited for Jill to answer.

“No, no. Nothing like that. He just doesn’t listen, you know? What I don’t get is why he keeps coming around? He’s the one who left.” Jill gestured Andrew toward the kitchen island as she slid scrambled eggs onto two plates. “Here, you earned breakfast.”

Jill smiled and pulled two pieces of toast from the toaster, buttering them and placing one on her plate and one on Andrew’s.

Andrew was quiet for a minute while he thought about Jill’s question.

“Only two reasons he’d keep coming around,” Andrew said slowly. “Either he really is an arrogant ass who thinks you can’t live without him or he still wants to sleep with you.”

Jill’s head shot up. “What? No! I mean, no. He’s...he left me. He’s living with his mistress. He doesn’t want... I mean, we don’t. He’s not...”

Andrew laughed. “Okay, then he’s an arrogant ass who thinks you can’t live without him.”

Jill frowned at her eggs. “Well, yes. Actually, that sounds exactly like him.”

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Jill was standing at the door arguing with her ex-husband Jake.  Andrew had come in through the backdoor and noticed the eggs burning in the kitchen and went to find out what was going on. Andrew listens for a few minutes and then appears behind Jill and pulls her into his arms. With Andrew's appearance, Jill is finally able to get Jake to leave.

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  1. yeah...he's a jackass...smh. Thank goodness she has Andrew :)

  2. Not at this point in the book. Another of my favorite parts is right after they are intimate for the first time. She gets mad at her ex all over again, lol!


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