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Quote-Tastic: I Don't Want to Set a Bad Example

This meme is about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!
Hosted by Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

Fre stared at the mad man that exited the nice Hummer. “Take her,” he’d said. She’d like to see him try. Since the red wolf moved toward the men she aligned her hands. The beast was making it easier to shoot the bitch.

“You weren’t kidding. How the hell do people not know werewolves walk among us?” Nix asked.

“Hell if I know. Can you make it to the driver’s side?” Fre whispered out the side of her mouth.

“Most definitely.” Nix chuckled.

Noise rent the air behind them. Then she heard the growls and the sound of nails scratching metal. Fre pursed her lips and refused to look behind her. She saw a huge brown bear in her peripheral vision.

“Fre, hon, I think we got more company.” Nix stated the obvious.

“Glance back and tell me if it’s a huge black wolf with a white tuft of fur over his eyes.” Fre kept her eyes on the monsters before her.

“Yeah, it’s a black wolf.” Nix swung around, rested her back against Fre’s, and aimed her gun at him.

“Don’t bother, Nix. He’s on our side. I think that’s my husband,” Fre added drily.

The wolf above her snorted.

“Girl, when this is over you and me are going to have a long talk about going off with strangers.” Nix flipped again, facing the other men.

“So who added a bear into the mix?”

“Fuck if I know. Maybe wolves aren’t the only were-things.”

“Ladies, if you will step away from the car, then I can get you away from the beasts that are now at your back.” The older man that seemed to be directing the crew in front of her spoke.

“That’s a negative, Mr. Crazy man. I was fussing at my girl here about going off with strangers. I don’t want to set a bad example,” Nix answered for her.

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Nix has just arrived to pick up Fre, when a wolf comes out of the nearby woods to attack Fre.  The Hummer is full of bad guys wanting to start a fight by kidnapping Fre and Fre's mate has just tracked her down to the edge of town. Needless to say shit is about to hit the fan all the way around. 

A special thanks to Sharonda at Salacious Reads for the recommendation!  

Do you have a book or series that sticks in your head months, even years later?   

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  1. This sounds really good. I'll have to put this on my wishlist.

  2. ahh I have this on my tbr list because of Sharonda too! lol

  3. Thanks for the Shout out! Oh I loved this book soo much, it was such a fun read :)

  4. Make sure to get all 3 in the series. They are all worth it. :)

  5. Yes, Sharonda knows her stuff. I hadn't heard of Kassanna before, but I enjoyed what I read.

  6. I loved your review of this on Goodreads. "Best T-Pain voice: I'm in love with a stripper." lol!


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