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Review: Blaze Anthology by the Minxes of Romance

Blaze is an anthology written by eight women known as the Minxes of Romance. All the stories center around the firefighters of the small town of Coombethwaite, England.  I found this book on Netgalley and grabbed it up since I love a good firefighter story.  And this book is jam packed full of good stories.

Each story is unique and has it's own flavor, yet since all the stories are about the firefighters of one town, we see familiar names from story to story. By the time you have finished the anthology, you really feel like you have gotten to know not only the firefighters, but the town itself. As with any short story, the romance has to happen fast, but in several cases the characters have known each other for years - the timing just wasn't right.  In one case the story actually skips ahead a couple of months, giving the characters time that a novella doesn't normally provide.

Each of the novellas is around 25 pages long and includes a page about the author with information like their websites and latest books. This is a very nice way to find out some information on a new author and how to read more of their work.  I would read more by these authors and look forward to a seeing what else they can come up with. I am giving this one 3 stars on Goodreads.

Coombethwaite, the lakeside town where passions run deep, is the setting for the stories in Blaze, the first anthology from The Minxes of Romance.
8 scorching tales from The Minxes of Romance.
Romance is in the air for Coombethwaite’s retained firefighters, and none of them will escape its heat unscorched!

MEMORY’S FLAME by Maya Blake
A fiery reunion – when Ellie returns after twelve long years to bury her grandfather, the last person she expects to see is her first love, Jake Spencer. One look, one touch and they know memory's flame is as sizzling as ever!

THE FIRE INSIDE by Romy Sommer
Fire fighter Sam Redfern is used to being seen as just one of the boys. Until TV talent scout and celebrity Ryan Morgan shows up in Coombethwaite and starts to make her feel very much like a woman. A woman with needs.

Shelley Fox is finished with all things romantic. So is Harrison Reid - until he meets Shelley and realises he might easily be persuaded otherwise.

LOCKED INTO LOVE by Catherine Coles
Journalist Cassie Parker returns to Coombethwaite with her dream in tatters—the last thing she needs is to rely on her ex for anything but on her second day back she needs hunky fireman Ben Spencer to release her from handcuffs!

All alone on her birthday, Wiccan vet Seraphine conjures up more than she bargained for when she casts a Halloween love spell. Five minutes later a knock on the door heralds the arrival of handsome fireman Isaac Quinn, complete with a stray black cat. Is it just coincidence, or has Mother Nature answered Seraphine's request with lightning speed?

Primary school teacher Annabel Jackson knows flirting with the parents is a no-no, but when single father Daniel Walker arrives at Coombethwaite Primary in full fire fighter garb clutching an axe, how can she resist?

WORTH THE RISK by Tara Pammi
Baker Annie Bennett has always stood on the sidelines while life passed her by. And it has brought Annie nothing but loneliness. With the New Year coming in, Annie decides it's time to come back home, risk her heart with the man she's always loved. Will her risk pay off or will Marcus never see her as anything but his best friend?

A KINDLING ROMANCE by Lorraine Wilson
Stressed out lawyer Polly Minton felt trapped in her city job and now she's trapped again, this time in a Lake District chimney; hunky fire fighter and local landowner Drew Reynolds has problems of his own but will he be the one to set her free in more ways than one?

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  1. oh my cover love. whew that's very pet-able. I've been on a firefighter kick lately. So going to have to pick this one up! Thanks Judy!

  2. Not just 1 firefighter, but 8 to pet and lick. ;)


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