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Book Blogger Hop: October 26th

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Halloween Edition: What is your favorite horror novel and why?


I am not a huge fan of horror... Okay let me be totally honest and say that I don't read it at all.  The closest I come to horror is in the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton.  And those are mainly because the early books in the series were labeled Horror since when they came out, vampire and shifter books were dumped into the  Horror genre.

My standard excuse is that my imagination works way to well to read Horror, but since I won't watch it in film either, that reason is only a partial truth. Basically, I am just too much of a wuss to watch/read anything that is going to scare me. 

Are you a fan of Horror? What is your favorite book or movie?

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  1. Not a horror reader either.

    The closest I come is one I was reminded of today: The Thirteenth Tale and also just thought of this one: Always Watching by Chevy Stevens.

    Happy Hopping!!
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