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Quote-Tastic: Watch Out For His Tree

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Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes by Gina Lamm

The wooden trellis creaked and groaned under her weight. The ivy was thick, and it was tough to figure out where her slippers would fit. But she kept her gaze locked on the windows of the top floor. She could get to him—she could. She had to.

She reached sideways, aiming for a thin spot in the foliage. Her fingers slipped, and she tilted dangerously. Pulling at the tendrils of vine, she pulled herself back toward the house. Her heart thumped and her breath came in little gasps.

“Damn, that was close.”

She looked toward the ground and gulped. She’d never been afraid of heights, and she wasn’t really afraid now. It was more the falling she had issue with.

No. She wasn’t going to fall. She was going to haul her ass up this trellis, make love to Avery, and if she ever got home, she’d invest in a rock climbing class.

Hey, you never know when shit’s going to come in handy.

Drawing even with the top of the trellis, she breathed a relieved sigh. Okay. Here she was. Now, which window was Avery’s? The trellis stretched wide, covering the bottoms of three top-floor windows. She could look down, see where the area was…A quick glimpse downward was enough to make her nausea rise. Nope, not looking down there anymore. Too damn scary.

She’d have to do it the hard way.

Moving to the closest window, she peeped above the bottom edge.

Several moments passed before her eyes grew accustomed to the dimness inside. She blinked several times before the vision cleared. Henry, one of the footmen, lay sprawled atop the covers, completely nude. Ugh. She hadn’t needed to see that. Fortunately, his roommate Oliver was fully clothed in the small bed across the room. Typical. The men got beds to themselves.

Hand over hand, foot over foot, she Spider-Manned it to the next window. When she didn’t think about the terrifying ground below, this was actually kind of fun.

With a whispered plea for luck, she lifted her head over the bottom edge of the window.

It didn’t take as long for her eyes to adjust this time. When she saw him, her breath caught.

Avery lay on his back, arm cast over his eyes to block out the beam of moonlight that highlighted his chest and face. He was gorgeous, dressed in nothing but his breeches. She couldn’t help but wish he’d been the one who slept in the buff. She might have been satisfied just hanging out here like George of the Jungle on a vine with a view like that.

Who was she kidding? She wanted to watch out for his tree.

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Leah has realized how much she likes Avery, even though he's not the Duke she expected and decides to sneak in to see him. She tried the doors and windows of the lower floors, but they were locked up tight, leaving only the trellis as a way to sneak up to see him.

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