Saturday, November 16

Book Blogger Hop: November 16th

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This week's question  is asked by Elizabeth from Silver's Review blog.


Do you accept books for review only from publishers or do you accept book review requests from authors as well?


Publishers, that is a good one!!!  As a small, new blog, I have only really gotten books to review from book tours, Netgalley and a few authors who have contacted me. I could probably have reviewed more, but I am particular about what I read and have some serious time constraints

When I add in the fact that I have a new job with less time to actually read books, my ability to review anything has been cut.  I am hoping to start adding some audiobooks in the future. But that is still just an idea I am working on. 

How do you budget your reading time?


  1. I'm hardcore about scheduling my review books. I do mainly from pubs now and then a few author requests and then schedule like crazy. They have their own planner and are color coded. ::snort:: Yeah. I totally went all geek girl and raided the office supply store. lol

    Congrats on the new job!! That's so exciting :) Well, not the less time to read, but the rest of it's awesome :)

  2. I've so tried knitting and crochet. Whew, I am not gifted in that area. lol I've got these on my tbr list. One day hopefully I'll get to em. They look so good!

  3. I have a dry erase calendar on the wall beside my desk. It is color coded to my google calendar. I also have a planner for handwritten notes and lists. I hit the office supply store as well. I love the smell of post-its in the morning, lol!

    Thanks on the job front. I was closer to home with my last job but the hours were so erratic and I ended up doing so much work off job time, I was stressed to the max and never knew if I was coming or going. This job has much more regimented hours and I can walk out the door and leave it all behind. The only problem is that it is farther away from home. But I am going to compensate with audiobooks. :)

  4. I'm curious about blog tours, hope I will have any idea regarding that

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