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Guest Post & Giveaway: Joyfully Yours by Amy Lamont

Joyfully Yours

Joyfully Yours
Amy Lamont

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Date of Publication: November 9, 2013

Number of pages: 71

Cover Artist: Derek Murphy

Available at the following retailers:

A musician and a priest walk into a grocery store—singer Faith Leary thinks this is a better opening for an off-color joke than a recipe for romance, until she finds herself ogling Father Michael in the checkout line the day before Thanksgiving.

When Father Michael first steps in to bail Faith out of her financial jam, Faith thinks she’s being picked up at the grocery store. Right up until she catches sight of the black shirt and tab collar. Since not much in her life is going her way lately, it doesn’t come as much of a shock when Michael turns up at her mother’s Thanksgiving dinner. What does come as a surprise is the attraction that springs up between them. If only he weren’t a priest, he would be perfect for her.

Faith’s sister finds Father Michael attractive, too, and she’s making no bones about it. Scenes from the Thorn Birds flitting through her head, it comes as a relief to Faith to find out Michael is not exactly what he seems. It’s good news until she realizes her sister is a far better match for him than her screw-up self could ever be. But if that’s true, why does Michael insist on seeing only the good in Faith, no matter how often she falls short of her too perfect sister?

Guest Post: 
Home for the Holidays

Thanks to the Musings and Ramblings blog for hosting me on my tour for my holiday release, Joyfully Yours.

One of my favorite scenes in Joyfully Yours is when my heroine, Faith, stands outside her childhood home on Thanksgiving. She has mixed feelings about going inside. On one hand, there’s nothing better than sharing your holiday in the warmth of your family home. On the other, holidays are never quite as simple as sitting down to share a meal.

Faith has more reason than most to dread going inside. While everyone’s family has its own quirks, Faith’s family has its own special brand of crazy. Her mother seems to be stuck over a decade in the past, setting a dinner place for her long-deceased husband and treating Faith likes she’s a ten-year-old. Her grandparents have rekindled their romance and aren’t afraid of showing it. Often. And her older sister loves to point out all the ways Faith disappoints the family—especially when she’s got an audience like Michael, the guy Faith is falling for. Her brother is the closest to normal Faith’s got.

But in the end, it’s obvious that the family shares a lot of love. Despite all their quirks and dysfunction, Faith couldn’t imagine spending her holidays anywhere else. And I can’t help but wonder if Michael falls for Faith despite her family, or maybe a little bit because of them.

I really hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into Faith’s world!


Joyfully Yours Playlist

I don’t listen to music while I’m writing. I find it distracting because I constantly want to sing along. But I do use it for inspiration. There were several songs that inspired me while I was writing Joyfully Yours, and I thought I’d share them with you:


One $25 Amazon giftcard plus gift bag that includes some book swag and some other holiday goodies.

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Author Bio:
Amy Lamont writes contemporary and New Adult romance about quirky heroines and hunky heroes. Over the years she’s had some jobs she loved (working as a program coordinator for a non-profit animal rescue), some jobs she liked (freelance writing), and some jobs she hated (her experience as a waitress has turned her into the excellent tipper she is today). But nothing gives her greater joy than writing romances that pack an emotional punch and come with a guaranteed happily ever after.

Amy lives in New England with her husband, twin daughters, and two rescue mutts. She loves chatting with readers. To get in touch, visit her at

To connect with the author online:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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