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Quote-Tastic: 'Don't Drop the Soap'

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Last Diner Standing by Terri L. Austin

At Janelle’s, Tariq and Roxy flirted their way through dinner, feeding each other bites of meatballs. If they each started sucking a long string of spaghetti à la Lady and the Tramp, I was going to gag. Damon still wasn’t feeling very well and Janelle had a perpetual worried air. I was glad she was home, but I felt a pressing need to find that money. I was sure it was the key to finding Asshat’s assailant.

After dinner, I helped with the dishes and Sondra took her kids home.

“Listen, we should go see LD tonight.” Janelle stuck a lid on the plastic container of salad before sticking it in the fridge.

“It’s your first night home.”

“It won’t take that long. Tariq and Roxy can watch the kids. I’ll be home before ten.”

After we finished cleaning the kitchen, we took Janelle’s car. On the drive to LD’s apartment, she gave me Sheik’s family history.

“Well, LD’s the baby of the family and closest to Sheik. They’re thick as thieves.” That was the first time I’d heard her refer to her ex as anything other than Asshat. “LD has himself a little garage downtown. It’s profitable. When Sheik quit the muffler place, Little Donnell gave him side jobs.”

“Fixing cars?” I asked. That might explain the graveyard of dismantled vehicles in Asshat’s yard.

“Mmm-hmm. Off the books. That way, no child support. I’d always liked LD until then, but he helped Sheik dodge his responsibilities. What kind of a man quits his job so he doesn’t have to take care of his children?”

A really terrible one.

She pulled up to the Apple Creek Apartments, not far from my sister’s neighborhood.

“This place is beautiful,” I said, gazing up at the expansive brick building. “His garage must be doing really well to live here.”

“Like I said, off the books. If the IRS ever got a look at what he earned, his ass would be in prison before you could say ‘don’t drop the soap.’”

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Asshat, aka Shiek, Janelle's ex-husband was beaten upside the head, left for dead and is now in a coma.  Janelle was arrested since she was seen arguing with Asshat for throwing money around just hours before his injury. Rose is working hard to find out who actually hurt Asshat and clear Janelle. 

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