Monday, November 18

Quote-Tastic: I Don't Wear a Cape.

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Wonder Guy by Naomi Stone

Her hands moved from his shoulders to trace his jaw and face. She found the edges of his mask, the boundary between flesh and mystery. His breath grew harsh when she slipped a finger under the taut fabric shielding his features.

When he pulled away, she moaned a protest. She half stumbled, left colder for the lack of his warmth against her, opening her eyes as he lifted his hands to the golden mask.

He tugged the fabric away, up and over his head, revealing a handsome face under tousled brown hair. It actually took her half a moment to recognize him.


Her mind reeled. Greg? Not possible. A flying man, okay. Giant mosquitoes, maybe, but this? No way. She took an unsteady step back, shaking off his reaching hand.

“Oh my God, Greg! What’s going on here? Since when do you dress up in tights and a cape? What is this?”

“I don’t wear a cape.”

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This scene comes about after Wonder Guy and Gloria shared an extraordinary kiss after he saved her from some giant mosquitoes. She has just gotten home and Wonder Guy shows up at her house. Gloria was confused how he knew her name and where she lived. Instead of talking, they start kissing again.

Do you have a favorite quote from a book or series?

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