Friday, February 14

Be My Valentine? Didja miss me?

First off, let me just say how much I missed ya'll and that I am glad to be getting back into the swing of things just in time for Valentine's Day.

I know I took off with little to no notice at the end of November, and I apologize. My non-cyber life had just gotten so crazy that I had to basically drop off the grid. Between working an unbelievable number of hours at a new job that was gearing up for the Christmas rush (think toy store customer service), getting a nasty bug that lasted for over a month, then my computer crashing and I just threw my hands up in the air, surrendered my cyber life and plotted how to come back in January.

You know that joke about making plans and God laughing?  Yep, right there with ya.

So in early January, I was given the exciting news that I was being given the honor of being transferred to a different campaign.  Oh goody, more training! Of course, since I had just gotten my car pool timed to perfection, this new position threw a Godzilla sized monkey wrench in to my plans and readjustments had to begin yet again. But I think everything is finally at a manageable level of crazy and I am ready to rejoin the fun already in progress!

I do plan on cutting back on all the book tours that I was signed up with and only working with 1 or 2 tour groups and the occasional independent author. I am also rethinking the memes that I was participating in.

Oh, and you may have noticed some changes I made in the blog itself. New Year, New Look, Same Me!

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  1. was wondering where you were...glad you back and looking forward to seeing some post from you :)


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