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@Covetbooks Review & Giveaway: Love Potions by Michelle M. Pillow

Love Potions

Warlocks MacGregor, Book 1
Michelle M. Pillow

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Entangled Covet
Date of Publication: June 2, 2014
Number of pages: 218
Cover Artist: Candace Havens

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Erik MacGregor, from a clan of ancient Scottish warlocks, isn't looking for love. After centuries, it's not even a consideration…until he moves in next door to Lydia Barratt. It's clear that the shy beauty wants nothing to do with him, but he's drawn to her nonetheless and determined to win her over.

Lydia Barratt just wants to be left alone to grow flowers and make lotions in her small cottage. The last thing she needs is a demanding Scottish man meddling in her private life. Just because he's gorgeous and totally rocks a kilt doesn't mean she's going to fall for his seductive manner.

But Erik won't give up and just as Lydia let's her guard down, his sister decides to get involved. Her little love potion prank goes terribly wrong, making Lydia the target of his sudden embarrassingly obsessive behavior. They'll have to find a way to pull Erik out of the spell fast when it becomes clear that Lydia has more than a lovesick warlock to worry about. Evil lurks within the shadows and it plans to use Lydia, alive or dead, to take out Erik and his clan for good.


What is it about the Scottish that fascinate us so?  It it the accent, all those growling burrs and lassies?  The image of the highlands all green and mystical? Or is it simply the kilts? Through in some paranormal romance and I was so there. When I saw this book I was intrigued and thrilled that I was able to get it. I had put in a request through both the publisher and through Netgalley to double my chances and got a yes back from both.

The story opens with Lydia Barratt going about her typical day in Green Vallis, Wisconsin.  Lydia has lived in Green Vallis all her life, from the time she was a small child. Lydia lived and worked in the house that her grandmother, a self-professed green witch, had left to her. Lydia wasn't sure that she believed in everything her grandmother had taught her, but she was starting to make a name for herself and her small business, Love Potions.  While taking a load of lotions and soaps to be shipped out to the post office, she meets Erik MacGregor for the first time.

Erik MacGregor was in town to locate a suitable property for his extended family and clan.  It was currently his turn to find a location that would be suitable for the dozens of family members who would be descending on whichever location Erik chose for their new home.  In Green Vallis, he has found the right combination of energies and activities to keep the family from growing bored. It's not long before Erik finds himself completely enchanted by Lydia.

I was surprised by this book. Just about the time I thought I knew which direction the book was heading, the author would change things up. I liked that though Lydia wasn't aggressive, she wasn't a push over either. She held her ground and gave back just as good as she got. I especially liked that she didn't just fall at his feet, but made Erik work for the relationship. There were several times that I laughed out loud, and I admit to shedding some tears as well.  Overall this book just worked for me. It is a solid 4 star read and a great start to a new series.


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Author Bio:

Michelle M. Pillow, Author of All Things Romance, is a multi-published, award winning author writing in many romance fiction genres. Ever since she can remember, she has had a strange fascination with anything supernatural—ghosts, magical powers, and oh! vampires. After discovering historical romance novels, it was only natural that the supernatural and love/romance elements should someday meet in her wonderland of a brain. She’s glad they did for their children have been pouring onto the computer screen ever since.

Michelle loves to travel and try new things, whether it's a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize. She's addicted to movies and used to drive her mother crazy while quoting random scenes with her brother. Though it has yet to happen, her dream is to be in a horror movie as 1. A zombie or 2. The expendable screaming chick who gets it in the beginning credits. But for the most part she can be found writing in her office with a cup of coffee in pajama pants.

She loves to hear from readers. They can contact her through her website: www.MichellePillow.com

To connect with the author online:

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  1. Can't wait to read this book!!!!

  2. lol it's so bad but I want it just for the cover! Glad to hear it's a good one!

  3. I like ghosts and other supernatural stories. Usually the vampire books I read are the teen ones, like the ones by Richelle Mead.


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