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@GoddessFish Blurb Blitz & Giveaway: A Marquis for All Season by Renee Reynolds

A Marquis For All Seasons

The Lords of Oxford, Book 2
Renee Reynolds

Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Publisher: Rock Creek Publishing
Date of Publication: May 13, 2014
Number of pages: 350
Word Count: 95,910
Cover Artist: Lily Smith at Covers by Lily

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She wants one more season to pass without acquiring a husband.

Lady Miranda Leighton accepts she will have to marry someday, but she wants one last season to be mistress of her own life - to go where she wants, when she wants, with whomever she wants. The lure of one more adventure is nearly irresistible. Unfortunately, her family has run out of patience with her as she unintentionally loosely courts scandal. She needs a plan, and needs it quickly.

He wants one more season to pass without his mother nagging, debutantes stalking, or sanity deserting him.

Roman de Courtenay, Marquis of Stafford, accepts he will have to marry someday, but his immediate focus is set on managing his estates, pacifying his family, and being otherwise left alone. The lure of saddling his horse and fleeing to the country is nearly irresistible. Unfortunately, his mother wants him to find his marchioness, produce an heir, and let her settle into an anticipated and comfortable life as a dowager. He needs a plan, and needs it quickly.

Thus a lady and a lord with a similar problem hatch a mischievous scheme: to use each other as shields against marriage and the plans of their families, with a dance here and a meaningful look there. All goes well - for a time - until the constant company and camaraderie of their ruse give rise to some very real feelings.

What happens when you set out to fool society, but only end up fooling yourselves?

A Marquis For All Seasons is Book 2 in The Lords of Oxford Series. Each book stands alone, but readers are cautioned that some aspects of the first book, Lord Love a Duke, are referenced.
Stafford immediately looked into the tree above him, and could not believe the scene before his eyes. Dainty feet encased in pink slippers at the end of long, shapely legs appeared perhaps ten feet above his head. A swath of pink skirts and petticoats seemed to be the wrapping on a perfectly-formed female as enticing as any gift package he had ever received. He smiled rakishly as his admiring gaze met her disapproving one. Despite the distance and dark, Lady Miranda's ire was apparent.

“A gentleman would avert his eyes,” she declared with perfect condescension and superiority.

“A lady would cover her drawers,” he drawled in reply, raking his gaze over her legs again.

“Could I reach my drawers, rest assured, they would be covered. Now, will you help me down or must you continue to stare?”

“I can do both, actually, and will be quite pleased to do so.”

“Lord Stafford!” she chastised, quietly but effectively.

“Ask me nicely, Lady Miranda,” he jibed with a toothy smile.

“Oh, I'll ask nicely,” she muttered, “then plant you a facer later.”

“What was that?” he asked with a laugh, no longer able to hold in his amusement over her situation.

She blew out a loud breath, billowing the pink silk of the skirts that were tucked under her chin. “Lord Stafford. Would you do me the immense favor of playing errant knight to my distressed lady, and rescue me from this dire situation? And pray do so before another shows and tries to do it for you.”

Renee will be awarding a replica of the locket and chain worn by the heroine in the book, and a copy of A Marquis For All Seasons (choice of print or ebook; print will be autographed) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. (US ONLY)

So follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning.

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Author Bio:

Author Renée Reynolds grew up all over the world as the daughter of a globe-trotting Marine father and spirited and supportive mother. Their family motto was you can never learn too much, travel too much, or talk too much.

She majored in majors in college, and after obtaining a host of degrees she decided not to use any of them and instead writes about what she cannot do - go back in time to dance at balls, flirt with lords, gentlemen, and scoundrels, and gallop unfashionably down Rotten Row during the most fashionable hour.

After dodging a few Collinses and Wickhams, Renée happily snared a Darcy. Her HEA turned out to be in Texas, where she resides with "the hubs, the kiddos, a boisterous menagerie of indoor and outdoor animals, and a yard of meticulously maintained weeds." She has happily tagged on this addendum to the family motto: you can never read too much, too often, or too late at night.

To connect with the author online:

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