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Review: A Major Seduction by Marie Harte

A Major Seduction

Good To Go, #2
Marie Harte

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Fated Desires Publishing
Date of Publication: June 15, 2014
Number of pages: 112
Word Count: 33,000
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs

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Major Mike Cava has done his best not to see Maria Thompson as anything but his baby sister’s best friend. Not an easy feat when Maria’s done her best to throw herself at him for years. But now that’s he’s returned to the East Coast and with his family again, he feels easier about handling little Maria.

Except in the two years since he’s seen her last, Maria has grown way up. Good God, she’s stunning. But now that he’s really seeing her, she isn't seeing him. No more jumping into his arms or smiling and flirting. A bland hello and she’s leaving to go hang out with some other guy. Oh hell no.

Maria spent the past fourteen years mooning over a man who never saw her as anything but a little girl, and she’s done. Or so she tries fooling herself. She’s twenty-four years old, and it’s past time she grew up and over him. But now Mike’s giving “those” looks. He’s acting jealous. And she realizes that she’s not over him yet, and maybe one of her old plans to stir his interest might work this time around.

With the help of her best friend—Mike’s sister—and his younger brother, she’ll prove she’s more than woman enough to handle him. His dominance, his kink in the bedroom, his huge, hot body. But just when she thinks they can make a go of it, he pulls back. She can’t do it anymore. Loving, being hurt, loving, being ignored. This time if Mike wants her, he’ll have to prove it. She’s done.

And he’s just realized he might have made the biggest mistake of his life in pushing her away...
I was thrilled after reading A Major Attraction to see that there would be more books in the series and was lucky enough that the publisher accepted my request to review them. This review is for book 2 in the series, but since Maria and Mike were actually married in Attraction and this stories takes place several years prior to it, it would work as a stand alone.

Maria Thompson is the best friend to Mike Cava's younger sister. Maria has been in love with Mike ever since she can remember. Her stunts to catch his attention ramped up when she turned 16 and took a much more mature tone when she turned 18.  But Mike has always only seen Maria as a younger sister type. Nothing she has done over the years had made a dent in his perception of her.  So now that she is 24 and Mike is going to be stationed at the nearby base, she has decided to move on.

Mike, on the other hand, is secretly pleased that Maria is always so glad to see him. He looks forward to her smiles and attention that are just for him. Mike gets quite the rude awakening when it becomes clear that Maria has no plans to dote on him as she has in the past.  She treats him as she has his brother Brad, just her friend Olivia's older brother.  Mike realizes that maybe it's time to acknowledge that Maria has grown up and their relationship can grow too.

Since this was a flashback, prequel sort of story, we know in advance that they will be getting together.  The questions are: 1) Who is going to muck it up on the road to the HEA, 2) How badly, and 3) How good is the make-up sex?  Here's a hint: it's Mike, it's pretty bad, and holy smokes it's good.  I am going with 4 stars, mainly because I was sucked quickly into the story and it kept me there.


  1. LOL you so had me snort with your "hint". I think I need to give her a read!

    1. These are fairly short reads, but quite good. They are right on the edge of erotica, for me not so much, but I could see some thinking they were. The sex was fairly detailed and quite raunchy, but maintained a more romance-y feel. Does this make sense?

  2. I've read other novels by Mary Harte and loved them :)

    1. I will be reading more by her. I enjoyed these and should be posting the review for book 3 in the series this weekend.


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