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Book Tour Review: Claiming His Mate by M. Limoges

Claiming His Mate

Black Hills Wolves, #5
M. Limoges

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Date of Publication: February 6, 2015
Number of pages: 63
Word Count: 15,000
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

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Member of the Black Hills Pack in Los Lobos, South Dakota, Jace Matthews is sent to check out the new owner of a piece of land adjoining his packs. Once he steps into her small bookstore in Collins, he’s taken by surprise by the small, prim woman behind the counter. At once, he recognizes his mate. While the wolf inside urges him to complete the bond, Jace knows he must take his time with his human mate. But when danger arises, threatening Michelle’s life, Jace is done waiting. It’s time to claim his mate.

After she inherits her aunt’s property, Michelle Sanders moves to Collins, South Dakota, to escape the monotony of her routine life. Unfortunately, the only person she manages to befriend is not only the hottest guy on the planet, but also gay. However, she never expects a favor for her sexy new friend to result in a series of weird events that will change her life forever.
Jace Matthews’ eyes followed the rhythmic sway of his mate’s heart-shaped ass as she walked up the aisle to the sales counter. Damn, he couldn’t wait to strip her bare and sink his teeth into that tender flesh. Suddenly, those tempting globes stopped. He blinked and his gaze shot up to find Michelle frowning over her shoulder at him.


Embarrassed she’d caught him staring, he snatched the closest book on the shelf beside him, waving it in the air like a kid who’d won a life-sized stuffed animal at the county fair. “Got it. Thought it might be out of stock.”

Real smooth, jackass.

She arched a delicate brow over the rim of her glasses. “Are you ready to check out, Jace?”

“Yep, I think this’ll do it.” He soaked up the sound of her sweet voice and followed her to the register.

Two months ago, when he’d come to check out the new owner of a large parcel of land adjoining his pack’s hunting territory, he damn sure hadn’t expected to find Michelle Sanders. Once he’d stepped inside the small, quaint bookstore she’d owned in Collins, he’d caught a scent that had eluded him for thirty-two years.

His mate.
I can't seem to pass up a book about librarians or book store owners. Why? Probably because they are surrounded by books everyday. To this bibliophile that sounds like a dream come true. So I indulge my dream job via the heroines I read about.

Michelle was a great character. Clever, brave and self-reliant. We meet Jace as he is starting to really put the moves on Michelle, his mate. She thinks he is gay and there is some misunderstandings that lead to some funny moments. There is a good mix of action as Michelle is targeted for her land. This tension helps quickly move the romance forward. So even though this is a novella, the romance didn't really rushed or too out of sync with the length of the story.

Though this is the 5th book in the Black Hills Wolves series, each book is written by a different author and I felt no lose of story by reading it as a stand alone.  For a debut author, I was quite impressed with the story and am giving it 4 stars. The next book by the author will be #8 in the series and feature Jace's sister and best friend.

Thanks to the author and HCBS author services for the opportunity to read and review the book.

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Author Bio:
Melissa Limoges lives along the Gulf Coast with her OCD cat, Mr. Tibbs. Tax assessor by day, romance writer by night, she enjoys anything coffee related, traveling, and reading happily ever afters.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me today. I also really appreciate your review. :)

  2. I so have a hard time passing up bookish characters too. I loved that scene at the start :D Thanks so much for joining in on the tour Judith!


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