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@TastyBookTours Interview: Marriage Under Fire by Jacki Delecki

Marriage Under Fire

Grayce Walters, #4
Jacki Delecki

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Doe Bay Publishing LLC
Date of Publication: September 11, 2015
Number of pages: 89
Word Count: 26,410

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Maddy Jeffers has never failed as a Marine, but she is about to face the ultimate challenge of her career. Ordered to infiltrate a Seattle terrorist cell, she must go undercover married to Hunter Hines. The terrorist cell might not intimidate the seasoned soldier, but pretending to be a wife to the rugged, macho Marine just might be the most demanding and daunting mission she’s faced.

Hunter, a career Marine, has devoted his life to duty and discipline. Yet being in constant proximity with the beguiling blond Maddy, is making it impossible to fight his need for his pretend wife. When Maddy’s life is threatened, protecting her becomes the only mission that matters. And Hunter will break all the rules to save her.

As the danger heats up around these two veteran heroes, they discover their shared bonds of love and duty.
His dark, piercing eyes studied her every step. Did she imagine it, or had his Marine posture stiffened and his dark olive skin flushed when he saw her? Perhaps she wouldn’t be the only one to suffer today.

Dressed in a dark suit with an open, oxford-blue shirt, long, inky black hair brushing the collar, he looked the part of a billionaire playboy or techie mogul—the cold devil looked mighty good. She tried to ignore the fact that he was sexy as hell and remember he was a pain in the ass.

“What the—” His eyes narrowed, and she waited to hear the censure in his voice. “You don’t look like a Marine.”

What was a Marine working undercover supposed to look like? And why was it always an issue for a woman, but never a man? He didn’t look like a Marine today, either.

The young saleswoman at Macy’s told her this was an office dress. How would Maddy know what women wore to their jobs? She had never worked in an office and hoped to God she never would.

Her chin hitched up an inch. She was immune to his snide, unanswerable remarks. “Good morning, sir. My instructions were to report out of uniform.” No matter what she wore, she was a Marine, through and through. “I’m blending in.”

“Blending in? You call that sexy getup blending in?”

She looked up at him with her best innocent face. “You think it’s sexy?”

She pulled at the snug dress riding partway up her thighs.

He watched her movement with his usual eagle eye focus. She didn’t miss the hitch in his breath and the way his muscular throat rippled when he swallowed. “Think what?”

Hunter Hines lost for words—she was already feeling better.

Today, we welcome Jacki Delecki to Musings and Ramblings. Let's all give a big Geeky welcome!

I’m thrilled to be on Musings and Ramblings. Thank you for hosting me.

Let's start with some writer specific questions before moving into the fun stuff. That way everyone can really get to know the person behind the writer. We will finish things off with a round of Think Fast. Ready for the interrogation to begin?

Writing Specific

Is your writing style more plotter or pantser?
Totally Panster. No spreadsheets for me.

When is your favorite time/place to write? Do you write structured or patchworked?
The only typical thing of my writing day is that I’m at my computer every day. Some days are more productive than others. My best days are when I start early in the morning with no interruptions-but who has a life like that?

How do you deal with Writer's Block?
Not much to do when it happens except keep checking your email and FB! LOL I go out of doors. The silence of nature helps me process and get my thoughts in order.

Tell us something about yourself that's not in your bio.
I wanted to be a writer since I read my first Nancy Drew.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?
Outdoors or reading.

Is there any particular author or book that has influenced you or your writing?
Too many to list, but Charles Dickens and his love of characters had a very big influence on me.

Fun Stuff

What was the last movie/concert/show that you saw?
George Ezra.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
I would be able to transport. Hate air travel. LOL

What was the name of the last book you read?
Reread for the 100th time Julie Garwood’s Saving Grace.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Driving in Seattle.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
Pizza, Salad fixings, Fruit, Blackberry Pie.

Think Fast

Elvis or Sinatra? Elvis
AM or PM? Am
Mountains or Sea? Sea
Meat or Veggies? Veggies
Italian or Chinese? Italian
Summer or Winter? Summer
Coffee or Tea? Tea

Thanks for coming by and spending some time with us. Any final words of wisdom to pass along?

Great fun to answer the questions. Thanks again for hosting.


Author Bio:
Descended from a long line of storytellers, Jacki spins adventures filled with mystery, healing and romance. Jacki’s love affair with the arts began at a young age and inspired her to train as a jazz singer and dancer. She has performed many acting roles with the Seattle Opera Company and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Her travels to London and Paris ignited a deep-seated passion to write A Code of Love, a romantic mystery set in the Regency era. Jacki is certain she spent at least one lifetime dancing in the Moulin Rouge.

Although writing now fills most of her days, she continues to volunteer with Seattle’s Ballet and Opera companies, as well as leading children’s tours of Pike Street Market. Her volunteer work with Seattle’s homeless shelters influenced one of her main characters in An Inner Fire. Jacki’s two Golden Labs, Gus and Talley, are her constant companions. Their years of devotion and intuition inspired her to write both dogs as heroes in A Code of Love. A geek at heart, Jacki loves superhero movies—a hero’s battle against insurmountable odds. Fortunately, her heroines don’t have to wear a unitard to fight injustice and battle for the underdog. Jacki’s extraordinary heroines love and heal. Visit for more information.

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