The history of golf is not very clear and various documentation about the game’s origins are laced with doubts. However, there is a consensus that present-day golf originated in Scotland dating from the Middle Ages.

Golf began many years back but the game was not internationally recognized until it started extending to the other parts of Britain and eventually to the United States. Though unverified, a game similar to golf is said to have existed in Loenen aan de Vecht on 26th of February 1297. On that day, there had been a sport in which the Dutch people carried out using a leather ball and a stick.

Today, golf has become one of the highest-paying and most popular sports in the world. In Scotland (where it reportedly originated) and many other parts of the world, the game has received massive followership.

Having briefly discussed the history of golf, we would like to take a look at some of the curious facts about the game.

13 Curious Facts about Golf

  • At the early age of 8, Tiger Woods had his first hole in one
  • In 1975, Coby Orr got a hole-in-one in Littleton, Colorado at the time he was just 5 years old. Interestingly, he became the youngest golfer to achieve that feat
  • Originally, golf balls were produced from flimsy leather stuffed with feathers
  • Considered a biennial event between American golfers and European golfers, the Ryder Cup is the most recognized team golf event in the world
  • According to the Golf History of Scotland, King James IV became the first sovereign to buy several golf clubs
  • Japan is home to the Satsuki Golf Club which holds the Sano Course –the world’s longest golf hole
  • A handicap below 18 is very rare. Not more than 20% of golfers have it
  • Massachusetts is home to the International Golf Club which is described as the world’s longest golf course. The golf course is par 77 and it spans 8325 yards
  • Although Tiger Woods nearly achieved the feat no golfer has won all four grand slam tournaments within a single year
  • In Scotland, King James II placed a ban on soccer and golf in 1457 with the claim that the two sports diverted military personnel from the pursuit of more suitable archery for their military roles
  • As indicated in the Guinness Book of Records, Mijail Turin –a Russian astronaut –became the first human to move a golf ball in space. Meanwhile, he did that in 2006
  • The possibility of two holes in one during a single round is estimated at 67 million to 1
  • A regulation golf ball consists of 336 dimples which are said to be limiting instability and enabling the ball to move farther

That’s all about our curious facts about Golf and its history