It is such a beautiful experience to have golf shots long enough and devoid of curvature. Golfers –both amateurs and professionals –understand how pleasant this makes them feel. However, the big question is “is this really possible?” If “yes”, how often can it be maintained?

Pros know the secret to having a great swing technique but amateurs barely understand the basics. Fortunately for anyone reading this article, here is the golf secret every pro knows and every amateur needs to learn.

Pendulum as the Secret to Discovering the Potential of Your Golf Swing Technique

A pendulum is an effective device and it incorporates the secret that will help you discover the full potential of your golf swing technique. By surveying a pendulum clearly, you will observe that it is a weighted object hanging from a fixed point and moving to and from the top of its backswing to the tip of its endpoint. In the course of this swinging, the object moves in a curve whose radius remains consistent all through the swinging motion. To get your desired golf swing technique, try to liken your body to this swinging action. Meanwhile, the application of force, as well as the balance of the motion, is the clue to fully realize the potential of your swing technique.

To let the swinging action of a pendulum reflect on your golf swing technique, you will assume your left arm is the lever of a pendulum. Now, think about your left arm moving to and from the top of your backswing to the tip of your finish point. Meanwhile, your left arm should do this regular motion calmy and evenly moving in a curve towards the golf ball. Now repeat this action after keeping a nine iron in your left hand. Then swing it forward and backward with your right arm positioned on your back. In the course of this, allow your wrist to hinge and unhinge and then spin or revolve inherently through the bottom of the curve without tampering with the swing, i.e., avoid any interference while it swings back and through.

You must not alter the consistency between the swing and the bath in the backswing. Then give room for momentum and gravity to take charge of the process. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t have to exert more force to the left hand or else, the rhythm will be halted and the entire dynamics will be interrupted. So, maintaining consistency is all that matters.

In conclusion, the physics guiding a pendulum is very effective and firm. Precisely, the pendulum goes with a fixed path and a fixed force. To discover the potential of your swing technique and start hitting the ideal golf shots, endeavour to dwell on how a pendulum moves (to and fro) and imagine that you’re acting in a similar way.