Golf is a sport that demands special athletic skills including accuracy, strength, flexibility, and technicality. Owing to this, the game is best practiced with the use of essential equipment. So, what are the importance of your golf equipment?
In reality, some golf equipment is meant to magnify a golfer’s experience while many others are required for playing strokes and hitting the ball.
There are a broad variety of golf implements but in this article, we have only compiled some of the vital ones for an exciting golf experience.

What Are The Importance Of Your Golf Equipments?

Golf Cart

A golf cart is a vehicle typically designed to convey golf players, as well as golf bags, round a golf course. Golf bags are usually heavy and because of this, golfers use handcarts that will ease the task of moving them from one point of a golf course to another. Many golfers fondly use handcarts while moving around a golf course. Some carts are powerfully designed to convey both golf bags and golf players. Such carts are widely used on public golf courses.

Club Head Covers

Club head covers are so important that the failure to use them can cause damage to clubs. The basic purpose of using head covers is to prevent clubs from coming in accidental contact with each other when kept within a golf bag. Besides the fact that head covers prevent clubs from the effects of weather, they make it easy for clubs to be identified at the first glimpse of them.


Although rangefinders are part of unlawful golf equipment (in line with Rule 14-3 of the rules of golf), they are very important particularly in determining the actual distance between a golfer’s position and the hole being targeted. In spite of the prohibition on the use of rangefinders, golfers use them, particularly at recreational golf activities. Above all, the USGA authorizes personal course clubs to establish local regulations legalizing the use of rangefinders.

Positional Guides

Positional guides are a combination of miscellaneous devices designed to enhance a golf player’s swing or stance. Included in the variety of positional guides are specialized tapes which fit the head of a club to give golfers insights about how the club head strikes the ball or the ground. Most importantly, this helps a golfer measure his expertise and make corrections against subsequent golf activities. Likewise, it helps a golfer decide whether he needs to make certain adjustments to the club. Although these devices help golfers in improving their skills during practices, they are not legalized for use in tournaments.


A tee is a plastic or wooden device that can be laid on the ground or stuck into it. It is very useful for positioning the ball. For a convenient shot, a golfer can place the ball on a tee before striking it. Wooden tees are much cheaper than plastic tees but they are not as durable as the latter.
That’s all about the importance of your golf equipment.