Golf is certainly one of the sports activities that require great skill and thorough practice to master. Both amateurs and professionals can testify to the technical nature of the game. Keeping your ball in a smooth direction, as well as hitting the target, could be a demanding task. Meanwhile, golf slices tend to be the outcome of improper control of the game.

As you further read this article, you will realize the various types of golf slices and few of the things that cause them. But before that, what do you think a golf slice is?

A golf slice can come in different ways and a common type of golf slice is the failure to capture the mark after hitting the ball; if your club is not striking your ball properly, there is a possibility the ball turns upwards, then gradually curls downwards running away from the target. A golf slice can result from various irregularities on your part. If you’re not making a backswing properly, a golf slice can occur as a result. A golf slice can be the outcome of a faulty grip –probably the one that is extremely tight or loose. Also, a golf slice can surface if you’re not properly aligned with the hole you’re targeting.

What Are the Different Types of Golf Slices?

You may not have been told earlier that golf slices are of various types but this doesn’t erase the fact that there are about three different golf slices. One of the common types of golf slices is a basic slice. In this case, the ball seems to be moving in a straight direction immediately you strike it. However, the ball finally turns to the left side of the target if the golfer is a left-handed player but to the right side of the target in the case of a right-handed golfer.

The second golf slice is the pull slice which happens to be the most puzzling of all. In the case of a pull slice, the ball at first seems to turn to the left. However, as it progresses down the fairway, it finally turns back to the right.

The third golf slice to be discussed here is known as the push slice. Immediately a golfer strikes the ball, it starts and continues turning towards the right and eventually runs farther off course.

Conclusion on understanding the different types of golf slices, there are various steps you can take to avoid golf slices or limit them. All in all, the best way to avoid golf slices is to get rid of their causes. Doing this not only prevents golf slices, it also enhances your swing, grip, stance and total performance during a golf activity.